Subary WRX Before Repair
The Repair Process:
Every shop handles the repair process a little differently.  Here at Dennis Collision Center, our repair process is setup to maximize quality and consistency, while minimizing the time our customers are without their vehicles.  To help you, our customer, understand just what goes on behind the scenes, we have laid out our repair process below.

The estimate process is the most important step in the process.  The more accurate the estimate, the more information we can get to you and the insurance company handling the claim, if any, the first time.  We are available to write estimates for drivable  vehicles at any time.  The more information you can give us at this stage the better.  This is where we would gather insurance information from the customer as well as photo document the damage to the vehicle.  Once the estimate is complete, we can begin to process the claim with the insurance company, help with rental cars if needed and give an estimated time frame for completion.  As with all things in the repair business, parts availability can effect this time frame.

Once we have your vehicle in our shop, it normally takes about 24 hours to completely disassemble the effected areas of your car.  Once we have the vehicle “torn down”, we can update our estimate with any parts that were not visible at the time of the inspection.  We will then update the insurance company, or customer if insurance isn’t involved, and begin the parts ordering process.  Your car will remain in this phase until the parts have come in and all structural components have been repaired.  By leaving your vehicle in this step we have simplified the process by insuring that the same technician who took the car apart is responsible for assembling the new parts and getting it over to the paint and preparation department.

After all the required replacement parts arrive, the body technician will begin the structural and physical repair process. Using our state-of-the-art CAR-O-LINER© Computerized UniBody and Frame Measuring equipment, the body technician will insure that your vehicles structural components meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications. All replacement body panels and moldings are pre-fitted to make sure everything is aligned properly. No paint will be added to the car until everything has been test fitted on your car.

Once your vehicle has passed our structural alignment tests and all effected parts have been replaced, your car will move over to our paint and preparation department.  Here your car will be rechecked for body panel accuracy and alignment before any paint is applied.  It is far easier to correct a panel before the paint process begins, this is an area where most shops would cause themselves issues.  Attempting to correct the alignment of an already painted part can cause damage to the paint and might require extra paint work further slowing the completion of your car. Your car will remain in this department until all parts are painted and correctly fitted onto the vehicle.

Once our paint and preparation department signs off on the condition of the vehicle, your vehicle will move back to the original body technician’s bay for final assembly.  Here all of the remaining electronic, glass, plastic, and molding parts will be reinstalled onto the vehicle.  Before your vehicle moves over to detail for it’s first wash, a final fitting test is performed so that we can be sure everything is exactly where it is supposed to be and functions to factory specifications.

After the body technician signs off on the completion of repairs to your vehicle, it will move into our detail department.  Every vehicle repaired at our facility receives a complimentary detail inside and out.  This is our last opportunity to insure everything was installed properly and is completely operational.

After your vehicle has been detailed, one of our estimators will take your vehicle for a road test.  No vehicle, regardless of the extent of the damage, leaves this facility until a final test drive is completed.  This insures the vehicle is road ready.  After the test drive, the estimator will complete the bill, notify the insurance company and calculate any remaining costs due by you the customer.  Now that we are 100% satisfied that your vehicle is ready to go home, your estimator will contact you directly notifying you that your car is ready to come home.  When you come in to pickup your car, we will go over the repairs in detail and explain any bills or insurance co-pays due.

All repairs provided at our facility are covered by our Dennis Collision Center Lifetime Guarantee.  All of our work performed to your vehicle is covered for as long as you own your car.  Any occasion that may arise that you, our customer, are not 100% satisfied, we will do what is necessary to make it right, you will never hear “Well, that’s just the way it is” from us.